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  • Start a plot line. Identify the setting first.
  • Add two or three key events from each chapter that we have read - chapters 1-6 - to reflect the rising action.
  • Identify each chapter and put the two or three events as bullet points under the chapter number.
In the book And Then There Were None events are taken place on Indian Island and the time is in the 1900's.
Chapter 1
*In chapter one mostly all that happens is all of the characters are introduced.
*It tells short facts about the characters and what they do.
*All of the characters are either on trains or in cars on their way to the shore to get on the boat to take them to Indian Island.
*The invitations for each character are written.

Chapter 2
*The characters are taken to Indian Island on a boat with Fred Narracott.
*Each character is led to their room, they unpack, and get settled for their stay at Indian Island.
*Vera Claythorne reads the Ten Little Indian Boys poem.

Chapter 3
*The guest go to dinner, but when they get to the dining room they are rudely interrupted by the record player playing an interesting recording stating each and every one of their murders they had committed.
*Mrs, Rodgers faints and is taken up to her room for the rest of the night
*All of the guest explain how they were invited to the Island and what they were invited for.

Chapter 4
*The guests continue to explain the murders that they have been accused of, questioning each other trying to get to the truth.
*The characters that still have the letters they received read them to the rest of the group.
*They all agree that in the morning when Fred Narracott comes they will get on the boat and leave.
*Anthony Marston dies from poison in his drink.

Chapter 5
*They come to the conclusion that Anthony Marston but the poison in his drink himself because no one else touched his drink.
*All of them agreed the best thing for them to do is to go to bed and get some sleep to forget about the night for now.
*Each of them have thoughts/dreams of the murders they have been accused of, some of them showing they had done it and some of them have still made it seem it was an accident.

Chapter 6
*Mrs. Rogers was found dead in her bed the morning after Anthony Marston had died.
*Mr. Rogers was being accused of killing his wife because the others thought he did it so she wouldn't say anything about the murder they had commited.
*Fred Narracott's boat never comes, so they cannot leave the Island.
*Mr. Rogers informs Dr. Armstrong that each time one of the 10 guests die, one little Indian boy from the middle of the table go missing.

Chapter 7
*Emily Brent explains the murder she was accused of in the recording to Vera Claythorne.
*Lombard, Armstrong, and Blore decide to go out and search the Island for Mr. Owen
*They realize it's all part of Mr. Owen's plan that the boat will never come.

Chapter 8
*The men searching for Mr. Owen find Macarthur sitting looking at the sea saying he was waiting for the end.
*Mr. Owen was not found anywhere on the Island.
*Macarthur admits to sending his wife's lover to his death.
*They concluded that Mr. Owen was one of the people "invited" to the Island.

Chapter 9
*In trying to figure out who the murderer was, Mr. Blore accused Dr. Armstrong of giving Mrs. Rogers and overdose of medicine after she passed out.
*Mr. Blore stresses that Lombard tells him the reason for him bringing his revolver to the Island, but Lombard simply says he thought he would run into some trouble.
*General Macarthur is found dead by the shore. It was concluded that he was hit upon the head with something.
*There are only 7 little Indian boys left on the table.

Chapter 10
*All of the characters spend this chapter analyzing where each guest was during the murders to figure out who had the chance to.
*A storm is coming, so they all know there is no way for them to get off the Island.
*The characters agree that they all must stay very keen and alert for any sort of danger.

Chapter 11
*Mr. Rogers has gone missing but is found shortly after, dead with a split in his head from an axe.
*Vera Claythorne goes hysteric realizing that each guest dies just how the little Indian boys do in the poem.
*People continue to have suspicions about who is the murderer, and people are starting to blame others.

Chapter 12
*Emily Brent feels giddy but decides to just sit until it passes. She hears buzzing, sees a bee, feels a prick on her neck, and dies.
*They collected all of the medicine, drugs, and other weapons the 5 remaining guests had with them.
*Lombard doesn't want to give up his revolver but when he gives in and goes to his drawer where he had left it, it was gone.
*Each of the guests are searched and their rooms are searched for the revolver.

Chapter 13
*The lights are not working because Rogers has not been able to work the engine, so they go and start the engine for electricity.
*Vera went up to her room. The lights were off and she started thinking about the child that had drown. A piece of seaweed fell from the ceiling and she screamed because she thought it was a wet clammy hand.
*Vera screamed because of the seaweed causing Blore, Armstrong, and Lombard to rush upstairs to see what has happened.
*Wargrave was found "dead" with a wig on and the shower curtain wrapped around him, and there was only 5 Indian boys on the table.

Chapter 14
*As the guests were speaking to each other about Wargrave's death, they realized they had not herd a gun shot, but it was concluded that over Vera Claythorne's screams you would not be able to hear it.
*Blore hears footsteps outside his door and summons Lombard to go search the house with him.
*They find that Dr. Armstrong is missing and when they are walking down the stairs they see a figure walking out the door.
*They search the Island, but there is no sign of Dr. Armstrong.

Chapter 15
*There are only 3 Indian boys left on the table so they assume Armstrong is dead, but they must still find his body.
*Lombard finally finds his revolver, but to his suprise whoever took it had placed it right back in his drawer.
*Blore goes up to the house alone to get food and when Ms. Claythorne and Lombard found Blore, he was dead.
*Vera and Lombard find Armstrong's body wedged between two rocks drown.

Chapter 16
*Lombard and Vera and the only two left on the Island and they both think of each other as the murderer.
*Vera snatches Lombard's revolver from his pocket and when he jumps at Vera, she shoots him.
*Vera goes up to the house thinking she's the one that will live.
*In her room there is a rope hanging from the ceilling and a chair under it.
*Vera hangs herself because she had gone completely crazy.

Wow, Monica! You have some key events in your plot line. This information will be perfect for the activity we will be doing with the plot line as you will have lots of information to draw from. I LOVE your ending!
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Assignment #3: Chapter 3.
  • Choose five characters from the story,
  • Write two sentences telling what you know about him or her.
  • BOLD the character's name and write your sentences about that character right underneath his or her name.

In the story Vera Claythorn is one of the main characters. Although I'm not very far in the book i know some information about her. Miss Claythorn has a full time job as a games mistress, but she is taking some time off to work the part time job of Mrs. Owen's secretary. Another thing we know about Vera is that, along with all the other residence, she somehow killed someone. I got a little information about what happened with her murder from my sister, but i don't know exactly what happened. I just know that she was supposed to be watching a little boy and they went swimming and he somehow drown.

Mr. Blore, also known as Mr. Davis to the other residence, has a couple of secrets he shared with the other people staying at the house. One of them being that his real name is not Mr. Davis and that his true identity was Mr. Blore. This came about because when all the names were read off in the record player, it was noticed that Mr. Davis was never said but a mysterious Mr. Blore was stated. A different fact uncovered about Mr. Blore was he is an ex detective invited here by the Owen's to keep an eye on all of the other residents. He was the only one given a list of all the names of the people attending the Island so he was a little more informed than everyone else.

Philip Lombard was offered a job on Indian Island, but he does not come to the full truth with everyone to how he was invited to this get together. Something we know about Lombard that apparently no one else knows, is that he was called to this Island because whoever invited him knew he has had some experience with crime. When they are all saying exactly how they were invited to the Island, Lombard lies saying that he was invited the same way as others had been, an informal letter saying mutual friends were in on it as well. Another fact we have figured out about Lombard is that he is very much so attracted to Vera Claythorn. When he gets a chance to, he always offers to stay behind with Miss Claythorn because of his attraction to her.

Emily Brent:
Not much has really been discovered about Emily Brent, the 65 year old woman. Something that we have learned about her is she is very calm. After the record player goes off stating all of their murders, and the secret door is found leading to the room where the record player is, all of the residents rush into the room to figure out what is going on. All of them but Emily Brent of coarse. She calmly stays seated in her chair waiting for the other guests to return. She is also quite a proper and religious woman. When she first gets to the Island and finds her room she sits and reads her Bible. Emily Brent's proper lifestyle shows because she refuses to accept slouching when sitting and she did not smoke or drink. After the record player was found all of the guest decide to have a drink, but Emily Brent demands water because she will not drink alcohol.

Justice Wargrave:
Justice Wargrave has been trying his hardest to figure out what has been going on in this house that all of them had been mysteriously invited to, but we readers have been figuring it out as slowly as him. Wargrave is a retired judge, but he still has the gift of persuasion and getting to the bottom of things. In the dining room after the record player had been found he got to the conclusion that Mr. Davis' real name is Mr. Blore. The Justice was still very rich and hadn't quite quit his habbit of smoking. Another things that is quite strange about his being on the Island is his letter was "written" by and old friend of his, Constance Culmington. When he got to the Island there had been no sign of her nor a sign that she even wrote the letter inviting him to this Island.


You have some great observations about all these characters. Some of your comments will come in handy further on in the story.
Well done! There are some spelling mistakes (Claythorn, residence, coarse) as well as places where commas are needed; I have highlighted a few of them for you. Also, look at verb tense as you shift back-and-forth between present and past tense.

Assignment #2 (to be done in class on Wednesday, December 2)

In the chapter two of, And Then There Were None, there are some examples of foreshadowing. One example was when Vera Claythorn was reading the poem about the ten little Indian boys. I'm not quite sure, but i think that since there are ten people at the residence and the title states that there will be none, some of the people may die as some of the Indian boys in the poem die. To me this states foreshadowing because first, my sister told me that some died the same ways as the Indian boys, and I have read a bit ahead.
"Ten little Soldier boys went out to dine;
One choked his little self and then there were nine.
Nine little Soldier boys sat up very late;
One overslept himself and then there were eight.
Eight little Soldier boys traveling in Devon
One said he'd stay there and then there were seven.
Seven little Soldier boys chopping up sticks;
One chopped himself in halves and then there were six.
Six little Soldier boys playing with a hive;
A bumblebee stung one and then there were five.
Five little Soldier boys going in for law;
One got in Chancery and then there were four.
Four little Soldier boys going out to sea;
A red herring swallowed one and then there were three.
Three little Soldier boys walking in the zoo;
A big bear hugged one and then there were two.
Two Little Soldier boys sitting in the sun;
One got frizzled up and then there was one.
One little Soldier boy left all alone;
He went out and hanged himself and then there were none.

Another example of foreshadowing in chapter two was when Emily Brent was in her room reading her Bible and the verse states "The heathen are sunk down in the pit that they made: in the net which they hid is their own foot taken. The Lord is known by the judgment which he executeth: the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. The wicked shall be turned into hell." I think that this is foreshadowing because the tape that was played when all of the residence were in the room chatting presented to them that each and everyone of them had murdered someone. Murder would most definitely make someone "wicked", The Bible reading says "The wicked shall be turned to hell." I think that is foreshadowing that all of the people will die because they have murdered.

A third example of foreshadowing expressed in chapter two is some of the characters are asked by another character if they know the area well. "Mr. Justice Wargrave inquired: Do you know this part of the world well? I have been to Cornwall and Torquay, but thi sis my first visit to this part of Devon." This was said from Justice Wargrave to Emily Brent. "With a slight lack of originallity Lombard asked: Do you kow this part of the world well? No, I've never been here before. She added quickly." This was said from Philip Lombard to Vera Claythorn. I think that the fact that no one know the area, besides Mr. Blore infers that it is bad that they know nothing about where they are going or for whom they are going for. The other part is the residents are clueless as to whom they are to be working for. It only seems eery to me that the people know nothing about what is to come of this expidition.

Another example is when Dr. Armstrong is on the boat to the island, he thinks to himself, "There was something magical about an island - the mere word suggested fantasy. You lost touch with the world - an island was a world of its own. A world, perhaps, from which he may never return." This is foreshadowing because in the book, as i said before, each and everyone of them might possibly die, based on the title, and saying that he may never return is foreshadowing that he will die.

  • how does a mystery novel differ from a narrative?

  • how might the title be a clue to the story?

A mystery novel and a narrative novel may seem like the same thing because they are both under the category of "novel" but in reality they have quite a few differences. A narrative novel is just a regular novel that tells the story of fictional or non-fictional happenings. An example would be a book like Harry Potter. A mystery novel, on the other hand, has suspense and clues that lead you to figure out a killer or robber.

I think that the title of the book is stating that in the book there will be a group of people and one by one they will all be murdered. The remanding people will have to figure out who has been killing everyone.

Hi Monica-
A good start for determining how a novel compares to a mystery. Can a regular novel be non-fiction?
Check out spelling mistakes as well as punctuation.
Did you put the date at the top of your page?
Did you link this page with the student pages and with the page with the prompts?
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