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The person who I would want to be friends with would be Sodapop because he is always hanging out at drag races which I like to watch. (Page 7 paragraph 12) Also he's friends with Steve who works at a gas station and gets to fix cars and can drive anything with wheels and I love cars.(Page 9 paragraph 3) Also he gets to hang out where ever he wants to, like the movie, drag races, and dances.

I agree he would be a good friend, but don't you have concerns too? No high school education? Don't you think that might be a problem? What about your love of reading? Do you think he reads very much??? ~ Mrs. Best

Sean McGowan

Hey! I agree that Sodapop would be a pretty cool friend to have. I mean you can hang out everywhere and he works at a gas station. You could get free drinks and everything! I know that sounds like I would be using him, but he seems like a nice guy. I also agree that it would be fun going to drag races and movies. But I hate dancing and songs they play at dances sometimes. Well, talk to you later.

Great response Connor! But I disagree about waiting it out because someone might suspect you killed him and could've done DNA testing and all that. Then you would've gotten caught, put in jail, and you might put your fellow Greaser friends in trouble. Willy.

We all know that the fifth commandment is: Thou shall not kill. With that in mind, tell me what you would be feeling AND what you would do now if you were Johnny at the end of Chapter 4.

If I was Johnny and I killed the person I would pray to God to forgive me for doing that. I would also run away and go to reconciliation. I would also be scared because my parents would be looking for me and also the police. Then I would wait it out for a couple of months and then turn myself in. I would do that because I know it isn't right to kill. Even if they did kill me I would ask to be reconciled first. If I did run away I would cut my hair and change my name and find somewhere to live.

I agree with Willy. I don't think you could wait it out for a life time. I think you would miss people, and it would be much better to find a trusted adult to confide in. ~ Mrs. Best

I agree that it is the right thing to do is to pray. But wouldn't you think that a few months would be long to wait to turn-yourself in. That is a great idea to change your name, also to cut your hair; so even if they thought your face you could tell them that your name isn't Johnny. Very smart idea!! You did a great job in stating the point and explained in very well. Nice Job!

--Katie S.

Explain what Ponyboy finds out about Randy and the other Socs at the end of Chapter 7.

Ponyboy finds out that Randy doesn't want to fight in the rumble that night. Also he tells Ponyboy that it doesn't matter if you fight because in the end you wouldn't have gotten anywhere because greasers would still be greasers and Socs would still be Socs. He also talks about Bob and how they were mad because Pony was walking Cherry who was Bob's girlfriend so they decieded to go and jump them and while they were both drunk.
I see you know what happened, but what do you think that all means? ~ Mrs. Best

B. Explain what Two-Bit means when he says: "The only thing that keeps Darry from being a Soc is us."

Two-Bit means that Darry is only a greaser because of them because he is smart and athletic. However he decides to take care of his family and the greasers. Also he could also go to college, but he decides to use his money to help his family and greasers out instead. He could also back up the Socs but the rest of his family wouldn't be, like Sodapop. So he stays with the greasers because his friends and family are there, and he doesn't want to be against them.

His family is all greasers, but what makes him different is his love of education, and his belief in making a better life by working hard. Those values belong more to the Soc families and not the families of greasers. ~ Mrs. Best

Jack W I agree connor I would not want to turn on my family and friends. That would be saying Darry could beat up Ponyboy. To weird to say that. He would never turn on his family after all he has done for them. Great response See you around.