You will find Helpful Hints and GREAT Tips and Tricks on this Page. If you want to add a hint or tip or request something to be added, talk to Mrs. Y.

1. How to I 'select' multiple images on a page?:

Holding down the SHIFT KEY allows you to select more than one item (jpg, clip art, icon) at a time. Also, if you want to select multiple files in a list. Click the first item, hold down the shift key, and select the 'last' file and all files IN BETWEEN will be selected.

2. How do I select multiple items (images or files) when they are not right next to each other?

Hold down the COMMAND KEY. This lets you click on specific images or files in a list or area.

3. How do I create a JPG or JPEG from an image or Word Art when it is in Word?

Hold down the CONTROL key and then click on the image. Choose SAVE AS PICTURE - put the image on your desktop and check to see that under 'format' you choose jpg or jpeg.

4. Wiki Stuff - How do I create a NEW PAGE and then link my two wiki pages (within lcstudent wiki)?

To Create a NEW PAGE just click on the NEW PAGE link at the very top of the Navigation Bar on the left side of the wiki. When you click on NEW PAGE you will see this:
external image moz-screenshot.jpgwikinewpage.jpg
Fill in the Page Name - fyi - wikis do NOT like "characters" like "&, /,- or !" in the page names so just use letters or numbers. Make it specific to you - so it is a good idea to use your initials or first inital and last name. Use tags for searching. You could 'tag' an english page with 'search words' that might apply to your topic: "Outsiders, vocab, character name." Separate search words with commas. Click Create.
Now you have a new page called, "All About Abraham Lincoln by MN" Next, you will want to get a link to that page and create a 'return' link. Save this page and go back to the page you want to link to the page you just created.

Start at the page you want to link FROM. Click the EDIT button.
  • You will need to HIGHLIGHT (this is what kids forget to do most) text to use to create the link, eg, type "Click HERE to go to my Abraham Lincoln Page.
  • On the Editor tool bar click the " Insert Link" button: linkpic.jpg
  • You will then see this INSERT LINK window (notice that the Link Text is what is highlighted and you want to make sure the Page Name is EXACTLY what your named the New Page. The Green Check Mark says you did good). Checking the New Window button will have the New Page open in a New Window:
  • linktopage.jpg
  • Click Add Link

THEN to create A RETURN LINK from ONE WIKI PAGE back to ANOTHER PAGE just follow the instructions above:
  • Type some text to use to create the link and HIGHLIGHT that text or at least ONE WORD of it if you want to be fancy
  • Click the 'link' button
  • You will see the INSERT LINK window (above). Find the Page Name you are looking to LINK TO by typing in the first letter of the page and slowly adding letters until you see the EXACT PAGE NAME and you get the green check mark.

5. Wiki Stuff - How do I link to an OUTSIDE web page (a page that is NOT part of our lcstudent wiki)?

To link to an OUTSIDE WEB SITE is easy. For our example, we will create a link from this wiki page to the Wisconsin Humane Society website.
  • First, open another webpage by using your tabs: Command-T to open another webpage
  • On that new web page go to the site your want to LINK TO
  • COPY the URL (the address field that begins with "http:..." I copied the URL from the Humane Society Site:
  • On your wiki page (where you want to LINK FROM, enter text to use to create the link: "Click here to go to the Wisconsin Humane Society"
  • Highlight the text to create the link
  • Click the Insert "Link button" on the Editor Tool Bar and you will see this window. You will need to click the External Link tab:
  • externallink.png
  • Paste the address of the website into the Address field
  • Click Add Link

6. How do I 'embed' something into my Wiki page?

Click on the "Cool Codes" link on the Navigation Bar of this page for an explanation with screen shots.
You need to get the 'EMBED' code from the site that you used to create the code. Embed code is different from a URL address used for linking. Once you have the Embed code copied go to your wiki page and select the little TV screen widget from the Wiki editor tool bar. Paste the embed code into the 'other' box - make sure you don't have any spaces in front. Save the code. You can adjust the size of your embedded widget by increasing / decreasing the height and width of the pasted code. Keep it proportional.

7. In Glogster how do I create a link to my other Wiki pages?

It is easy.
  • First you need to open your Glog and get ready to edit it
  • Then use your tabs (Command-T) and get to the Wiki Page that you want to LINK TO i(like your 'Outsiders' or 'And then There were None')
  • Copy that URL - It will look like:
  • Go back to your Glog
  • Type in some text, like: "Click Here to go to the LCstudent Wiki Tips and Tricks Page."
  • Highlight that text or one word of it
  • Click the 'Insert Link' or Add URL button on the Glog - little chain thingy
  • Paste in your Wiki URL
  • Click Apply
  • Here is a screen shot to help you (pretty sweet, huh):
  • gloglinks.jpg

8. How do I get a screen shot or take a picture of my screen or something on my screen?

There are two different ways to do this:
  • One is to use the 'GRAB' tool on your mac. in the Spotlight enter Grab and open that application.
    • Under Capture choose 'selection.' You will find it in the Apple Menu bar - (very top of your screen.) Your pointer will change to 'cross-hairs' and you can click and drag on your page.
    • You will be shown a preview of your image. If it is OK choose File > save as and name it something specific and put it on your desktop. The Grab tool creates a TIFF file. Wiki's dont like TIFF's so you have one more step.
    • Find the image on your desktop and open that-double click it. Now, choose 'Save As' again and this time you will be able to change the format to jpg or jpeg. Save that again to the desktop and this will upload to your wiki.
  • The second way to do this is by using the short cut keys: Shift-Control-Apple-4 to take a screen shot. You will see 'cross-hairs' again and click and drag over what you want to take a picture of. Again, save it with a specific name and in a jpg format.

9. Does your Glog NOT show correctly? Does it not show the whole poster?

To fix this - edit your wiki page and then select the widget on the page. Click the Edit Widget button and look at the code. Change the "scale" in the code to 75% or 50% and then look at your height and width. Be very carefull. Keep your sizes proportional.

10. How to I get a picture in my Wiki?

Simps! It will NOT work to click and drag it or Copy and Paste. To get a picture into your wiki it needs to be a JPG and it's easiest to have it on your desktop. Then, all you need to do is:
  • Click the EDIT button on your wiki page
  • Place your cursor where you want to picture to show
  • Click the 'insert images and files' button on your Editor Tool bar: insertimage.jpg
  • editortool.jpg
  • You will see this:
  • Click Upload Files and click in the field
  • Select Browse and when you find your image click on 'Upload'
  • When you see your image in the window - double click it to put it on your page.