Using Photo Booth in the Classroom

The following are just a few ideas on how to use Photo Booth in the classroom:

• Reading Improvement/Assessment
Make a movie of your students as they read out loud. Do this a couple time through out the year. You
can use the videos to show how their reading has improved through out the year.

• Teaching Symmetry
Use the mirror effect to show symmetry.

• Student Newscast/Daily Announcements
Students can use video to create daily announcements or a special newscast. Use a photo of the school
as the background.

• Make a how to video
Make a short video reinforcing concepts learned in class. Post them on a class web page to be used as
homework help.

• Help get to know student’s name and face
Take a picture of each student and create a class directory or seating chart.

• Video Blog
Create a video blog of what was talked about in class.

• Book Review/Report
Allow students to use the video to do a book review or report.

Watch this great SAINT Squad video and learn All About Photobooth: