Boot Camp Topics for all grades:

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Middle School Boot Camp
4th and 5th grade Boot Camp

1. Keeping your laptop clean -

wipes will be available in library / media to wash hands before using laptops. DO NOT TOUCH THE SCREEN.

2. Student Logins

3. Video tutorials:

(to create a new TAB - "control-click" on the link above - hold down the control key and then click the link - and select 'Open link in New Tab'. Then when you are done at that link your original page - this one - is still open)
Watch the following videos at this link with your partner - (the other videos available on this page are very helpful for teachers):
  • Anatomy of a Mac (2:30)
  • Wireless Basics (2:48)
  • iChat Basics (3:56)

B. Control-click on this link:
and with your partner watch the video(s) entitled Mac OS X Leopard Basics (the other videos available on this page are very helpful for teachers)::

4. Apple Menu - what can you find there?

  • system preferences
  • dock preferences
    • what is a preference?
    • Use 'SPOTLIGHT' the internal search tool on the far right to find applications, files, folders and open the dictionary. Click on the SPOTLIGHT spotlight.jpgand type in 'dictionary'. The top hit dictionary.jpgwill put a dictionary / thesaurus on the dock. Click once on it to open and look up a word.
  • Recent items
  • Force Quit
  • Sleep
  • Restart
  • Shut down
  • Log out

5. Finder Menu

  • Go back to this site: control-click the following two videos (on the bottom left side of screen):
    • 'Finder Basics' video, and
    • 'The Finder: Doing more with the Sidebar

6. Opening an Application - what is a 'application'? -
(in your Dictionary type in Application and find the Wiki definition for the word)

7. Opening Word / or any application

  • (Students can open Word themselves at this time or work as whole group)
  • Application Menu Bar for Word
  • When an Application is open - each one has its own Menu Bar - look it up in your Dictionary.
  • menu_bar.jpg

  • What happens to the Menu Bar of an application if you click on the Desktop?