You have seen you can create your own...Spell With Flicker
This site uses 'letter images' to spell most words to create an interesting visual display or graphic. The site provides code to 'embed' the graphic into a wiki or web page or you can use 'Snipping Tool' from the Windows Start menu to take a screen shot.

or here is an image taken use Snipping Tool:

How could we use this tool in the classroom:

Spell any word at this site and get the embed code to put in your blog, wiki or webpage. Here is an example using the word Dog:

D letter O Brought to you by the letter G

How do you do it? Easy. Go to the site, Spell with Flicker:
Type in your word and BAM! you get the code spit out right under neath.

So, how did I get the image into this wiki page? Simple. Just copy the html code that is given at the Spell With Flicker site. It looks like this and is found under the image:

[<a href="" id="fs_1" title="D"><img alt="D" src="" border="0"></a> <a href="" id="fs_2" title="letter O"><img alt="letter O" src="" border="0"></a> <a href="" id="fs_3" title="&quot;Brought to you by the letter G&quot;"><img alt="Brought to you by the letter G" title="Brought to you by the letter G" src="" border="0"></a>}

Then come to your wiki page and click the Edit button to edit your page. Choose 'Widget' and paste the code into the 'other' box. Save. BAM! Done.